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HTC Extended Battery Door

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HTC Extended Battery Door + HTC Extended Battery for Touch Pro2 (US Cellular), Touch Pro2 (Sprint), Touch Pro2 (Verizon), Tilt 2, Touch Pro2
Battery DoorExt Battery
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Windows Phone HTC Extended Battery Door

Product Description

The HTC Windows Phone Extended Battery Door (OEM) was made to work in conjunction with the HTC extended battery. The cover is needed to accommodate the slightly bigger size of the extended battery on most Windows Phone.

This extended battery door is an original item manufactured by HTC, to meet and exceed the highest standards.


  • Made to work with the extended battery for the Windows Phone
  • OEM ensures that the battery door meets the highest standards
  • High quality plastic, made to be light-weight and durable

Expert Review

HTC Extended Battery and Cover
Reviewed by George Ponder
We use our Windows Phones to surf the internet, text, email, watch videos, listen to music, play games on, and in between those activities we make a few calls. While power management has improved greatly with Windows Mobile sometimes the standard battery isn't enough.

For those needing a little more staying power with their Tilt2, the HTC Extended Battery and Cover may be just what you're looking for.

The HTC Extended Battery and Cover for the Tilt2 does give you a significant increase in battery life. This can come in handy if you use your Windows Phone considerably during the day but aren't always near a charging solution. The increase in battery life does come at a slight cost by way of an increase in size and weight.

The good news is these increases are manageable. I didn't feel weighted down in using the Extended Battery and the larger size felt good in the hand. The Tilt2 fitted with the Extended Battery, while having a different feel to it, was no more cumbersome than the phone is fitted with the standard battery.


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